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Permanent Staffing

When a business looks to hire workers to its payrolls on a permanent basis, those Jobs are referred to as permanent staffing assignments.

In the recruiting trends of today, permanent staffing is becoming quite important. This is so they can supply themselves with qualified personnel of high caliber. Since a company’s performance is mostly determined by the caliber of its human capital, finding, developing, and keeping the best employees of the market. The approaches in the business segments of IT and NON-IT are remarkably comparable.

AMIQ use a highly practical but straightforward approach in our recruitment methods, we help you maintain the equilibrium of attracting the greatest quality workers. Our energetic approach is to find the best talent for your unique needs without compromising the standards of excellence.


Contract Staffing

Although the notion of professional services in human contracting is still relatively new in India, the market is quickly developing and catching up with the shifting industry trends. After being identified as the human resource trend that is expanding the fastest, the phenomenon of temporary or contract staffing has finally caught on in India too.

In essence, contract staffing is recruiting workers on a temporary basis with no requirement that the contracting businesses make them full-time employees. Contract workers are provided to customers to work at their locations for whenever long is necessary for the clients to make use of their expertise.

Why is contract staffing so common throughout the world?

Using temporary staffing, 50 million people worldwide are employed. $140 billion in annual industry revenue; a global revenue split of 52% by the United States; 39% by Europe; and 1% by India; and a 10% annual industry growth rate.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which an employer outsources all or a portion of its hiring procedures to a third-party service provider. The employees, technology, procedures, and reporting of the organization may be assumed by the RPO provider or they may provide their own. From job profiling to onboarding of the new hire, RPO providers manage the whole hiring process, including staff, technology, procedure, and reporting. A well-managed RPO decreases cost, increases cost-effectiveness, increases quality of candidate pool, shortens time to hire, and improves government compliance.

A newcomer to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services market is Professional Consultancy Services. We combine efficiency, skill, adaptability, professionalism, lower costs, and contemporary technology to provide value to your assignments. Our team has the training and expertise to provide the best candidates for your company. We take on whole hiring assignments, which range from project deployment to resume screening, to name a few. When working with AMIQ, we guarantee Quick response; adherence to your internal and statutory compliances; a large candidate pool to fulfil your needs; and quick turnaround, regular status reporting, pre-interview quality and competence checks of candidates, 24-hour assistance for projects with key assignments, and SLA-based delivery compliances are all included.