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About Company

Welcome to AIMQ

A full-service solutions provider for start-ups

We realize the distinctive challenges that accompany starting a new business, and we’re here to help you navigate them without any hassles.

Since our inception, we have strived to empower start-ups to stay ahead of the curve in a progressively expanding digital market.


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Aimq's Mission

Our Mission

We consider our clients to be our partners, and our mission is to provide personalized, skilled, and all-inclusive results.

Our mission is to equip businesses with ground-breaking and effective solutions that facilitate progress and success. We strive to fathom the exclusive needs of each of our clients, and deliver customized services tailored to meet those needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality service and support to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by being at the forefront of industry developments and advancements, and to uninterruptedly develop our services to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

We Deliver on Our Promises
We make realistic commitments to our clients, ensuring we can deliver on our promises
We are Pragmatic
We look realistically at business challenges enabling us to define fit-for-purpose
We are Experts
We know our stuff. We are thought leaders, and big on collaboration and sharing
AIMQ's Vision

Our Vision

See every transaction owner in one place for every type of operational spend.

At AIMQ, our vision is to develop our core values of excellence, honesty, precision, creativity, and variety. We believe that every start-up has the potential to be successful. Our goal is to help you accomplish that triumph by providing the services and assistance you need to grow your business.


Our Staff

Alex Sollerio
Co-Founder of Company

He is a frequent speaker on the topics of global innovation.

Amanda Red
CEO of Company

She is a services industry veteran with a diversifie

Tomas Rodjers
General Manager

He is also an avid cook and history buff

Sandrah Rich
Senior Digital Strategist

She is responsible for all delivery, operations and talent

Our Why AIMQ?

What Sets Us Apart

Our international network of IT professionals and premium products is the basis of a vast infrastructure that is well-qualified to support the needs of a global client-base. Additionally, we are pleased to have some of the best partners in the industry that fully support our customer-centric goals. Our sincere commitment to our clients ensures that we will fully leverage these resources to provide the best possible service.
Our team consists of expert industry professionals experienced in software and mobile application development, quality analysis, web services/platforms and APIs, big data and analytics, and staffing logistics. Using iterative and agile production cycles interwoven with frequent unit testing and release stages, we develop our products with flexibility, security, and long-term stability in mind.
AIMQ is a Software Development, Engineering Solutions, and Information Technology Services Company. Our mission is to make Information Technology affordable to all companies, irrespective of their size. We provide consulting, and IT services to clients globally. We deliver technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. We develop, implement, maintain, and support IT applications by providing smart and intelligent solutions, and high-quality and low-cost service.
Our mission is to be a leader in providing complete solutions and intuitive interfaces for all our development practices. We enable this by having a business philosophy that revolves around treating the visions and motivations of our clients as our own. With AIMQ as a partner, you will receive our full support and fair pricing on all our products and services. We understand the value of your time and money and are fully invested in your success.

Company Culture and Values

We believe in complete dedication to our employees’ happiness and welfare.

Hence, we have established a distinctive and fulfilling corporate culture based on the following fundamental principles. (I’m adding these of my own volition, can be modified and changed based on the client’s strategies and feedback)

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