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Cloud Computing Solutions

IT leaders must discover ways to reduce capital expenditures, drive down costs, and still increase IT effectiveness in the difficult business environment of today. An outstanding commercial opportunity is provided by cloud computing. The current IT department, operations, resources, IT infrastructure, datacenter, and programming paradigms all need to be significantly updated. Your IT environment has grown more complex as a result of business growth, decline, spinoffs, mergers, and acquisitions. This complexity has a significant negative impact on corporate competitiveness by raising costs and decreasing productivity.

Intelligent IT leaders are using the “cloud” to solve their IT problems. Utilizing new productivity-enhancing applications immediately, reducing ownership expenses by switching from CapX to OpX, and managing operational costs are all possible with the cloud.

Cloud Services Overview

Working directly with clients, AIMQ has established itself as a preferred Cloud Computing Services Provider. Through our range of cloud services, we cater to the particular demands of each of our clients:

Cloud computing Service providers

Are you ready to make the journey into the cloud?

AIMQ offers Cloud Computing Services

AIMQ is the perfect place to start if you wish to overcome your IT difficulties by utilizing the advantages of cloud computing services. AIMQ has more than ten years of practical expertise in IT innovation and outsourcing, so we know how to evaluate your demands from both a business and technology standpoint. Through its techniques for cost optimization, AIMQ provides a range of services that can be used to evaluate, improve, and combine your IT resources. After a realistic assessment of how Cloud Computing System may satisfy your requirements for the present, the future, and beyond, you will be able to make the switch.

Our services include:

Cloud Strategic Planning Service

AIMQ collaborates with your most important business and IT stakeholders to comprehend your needs and find ways to use cloud computing to your advantage. These include gaining a competitive edge, enhancing service levels, lowering costs, boosting revenue, preserving capital, and reducing operating risks. You may find, assess, and plan practical public or private cloud choices with the aid of AIMQ.

AIMQ’s Cloud Strategic Planning Service helps you:

Create a practical cloud plan for your company. Before we talk about technology or solutions, we first try to understand the requirements and difficulties of your business.

Create a strategy that provides you with all the data you need to finish an internal business plan so you can rapidly and affordably adopt a cloud strategy.

Risk vs. reward evaluations, gap studies of business readiness, and suggestions

A 24-month cloud roadmap that complements your entire IT plans.

Financial analyses (ROI)

A collection of designs, cost projections, and other elements needed for planning and budgeting.

Controlled Services

AIMQ customizes our managed services to satisfy your needs and predetermined objectives. Our managed solutions can help your company through periods of change and/or offer administrative services while things are going smoothly. AIMQ will be able to quickly adjust to your business needs when your company’s direction changes.